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SOUL on the beach in Lexington, MI



Sounds Of Ukuleles in Lapeer


        Dan Smith                                        Mike Kassel


Dan Smith was gifted a ukulele from a friend in 2012. This simple gift grew into a passion. Shortly after receiving the ukulele, Dan did a quick online search for ukulele festivals in Michigan. He saw that "Mighty Uke Day 2" was about to take place. He attended the festival, and was hooked. He came home from the "Mighty Uke Day" with a drive to start a local ukulele club. He contacted Mike Kassel, and asked for help forming the group. Together they organized the first ukulele group for Lapeer, Michigan. The group had its first meeting at River Street Music & Cafe on April 27, 2013. The group attendees submitted suggestions, and voted for, the group's name. Sounds Of Ukuleles in Lapeer was chosen, and SOUL was born. 

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